2018: Adaptation as Cultural Translation


Johannes Fehrle (Mannheim) and Mark Schmitt (Dortmund), Hg.: Adaptation as Cultural Translation


Johannes Fehrle (Mannheim) and Mark Schmitt (Dortmund)
Introduction: “Adaptation as Translation: Transferring Cultural Narratives”                     S. 1


Caroline Lusin (Mannheim)
A One Way Ticket to Paradise? Adapting the Bible in Venedikt Erofeev’s
Moskva Petushki (1973), Stephen Mulrine’s Moscow Stations (1993),
and A.L. Kennedy’s Paradise (2004)                                                                                   S. 8


Kai Fischer (Bochum)
Prole Politics – Adaptation as Appropriation of Techno in the
Works of Rainald Goetz     (coming soon)                                                                          S. 26


Solvejg Nitzke (Dresden)
The Adaptation of Disaster: Representations of Environmental Crises
in Climate Change Fiction                                                                                                   S. 38


Dorothee Birke (Freiburg) and Johannes Fehrle (Mannheim)
#booklove: How Reading Culture is Adapted on the Internet                                           S. 60


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